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7th International Conference on Late Roman Coarse Wares

The 1st International Conference (LRCW 1) was successfully organized in Barcelona in 2002 (14-16 March) and the publication of the proceedings was enthusiastically received by the scientific community. After the first conference, the International Standing Committee decided to organize the event every three years in a different Mediterranean country. The LRCW 2 conference was held in France (Aix-en-Provence-Marseille-Arles, 13-16 April 2005), the LRCW 3 in mainland Italy (Parma – Pisa, 25-30 March 2008), LRCW 4 in Greece (Thessaloniki, 7-10 April 2011), LRCW 5 in Egypt (Alexandria, 6-10 April 2014), and LRCW6 in Sicily (Agrigento, 24-28 May 2017).

The aim of the LRCW Conference series is the presentation and publication of Late Roman pottery (3rd century AD to the end of Antiquity) from the Mediterranean region. The primary aim is to exchange ideas and communicate the results of current archaeological and archaeometrical research in this field.

  • LRCW1 (Barcelona 2002)
  • LRCW2 (Aix-en-Provence 2005)
  • LRCW3 (Pisa 2008)